Webinar, 12 november 2020, 19:30 uur


In their recently published report Missing Link to a Liveable Climate – How Hydrogen-Enabled Synthetic Fuels Can Help Deliver the Paris Goals Kirsty Gogan en Eric Ingersoll describe their ambitious vision on a realistic path to a world wide decarbonisation. They expect that the demand for energy will strongly increase over the next few decades as is also expected by important organisations such as the IEA.

In this webinar Kirsty and Eric explain their first step in this plan to reduce the cost of nuclear energy by applying efficiency practices from shipyard construction to nuclear power plants. In their vision Europe should adopt these practices for the simple reason that we need to be able to build nuclear reactors faster and cheaper if we want to reduce our CO2 emissions.

The second presentation is by Mathijs Beckers who is currently  starting a new public interest company in The Netherlands called e-Lise. Mathijs will explain his vision about his new company that will order, build and operate modern nuclear power plants to strongly reduce the CO2 foorprint of energy production in The Netherlands.

The programme

Times indicated correspond to times on the video below.

00.00 Gijs Zwartsenberg – opening and intro
02:12 Kirsty Gogan – Applying shipyard-efficiency to the building of nuclear power plants
(5 minutes for questions and 5 minutes introduction of next speaker)
37.00 Mathijs Beckers – Introducing E-Lise, a new utility in the making
(25 min discussion)
1.30.52 statement by Mark Harbers, Liberal Party (VVD)