Webinar on MSR and Thorium

11 september 2020, English spoken

The Thorium Molten Salt Reactor Foundation, THMSR, organised together with “Liberale Vrienden” a webinar. Speakers were Kirsty Gogan of Energy for Humanity, EfH, Jan Leen Kloosterman of the TU Delft, Jam Perdersen of  Copenhagen Atomics and Gijs Zwartsenberg of the THMSR Foundation.

Below the link to the recordings of this webinar and the time stamps to the various presentations.

Recording 1

00h:00m – Gijs Zwartsenberg (opening)

00h:04m – Kirsty Cogan

00h:24m – Jan Leen Kloosterman (last few minutes are missing unfortunately)

Recording 2

00h:00m – Thomas Jam Pedersen

00h:23m – Q&A session

00h:39m – Gijs Zwartsenberg (closing)