Gijs Zwartsenberg, Chairman

Educated as a philosopher, and working as a trainer in clear thinking and writing for Your Point, my approach of the world’s energy problem is to consider it as a thinking problem. Reading David MacKay’s Sustainable Energy – without the hot air opened my eyes to the magnitude of the confusion. I admire Kant’s famous enlightenment motto ‘dare to think’. Kant encourages everyone to do his or her own thinking. MacKay provided me with the tools to think about energy. Bill Gates: If someone is going to read just one book I would recommend this one.

I took MacKay’s urgent advice and started doing my own calculations. My conclusion: while further development of wind, water and solar energy should be applauded, placing all eggs in that basket is a gamble. Thorium MSR’s hold strong cards to provide our future planet with carbon free energy. An adequate public debate about thorium requires accurate information – we’re doing our utmost to offer such info here on


Lucas M. Pool, Secretary


I have a background in renewable energy technology and fully support development of these essential sources of energy. I am also a realist and understand that substituting fossil fuels globally on the scale required is a tremendous task, that may prove too great for renewables alone. It is sensible therefore to develop alternative low carbon energy technology like the thorium Molten Salt Reactor (MSR). As a student I devoted both of my theses to researching MSR technology, and spent much of my free time on the subject as well. After graduation I continued working on the subject in my free time which resulted in the co-organisation of the thorium in molten salt reactors symposium in April 2015, and the establishment of the Thorium Molten Salt Reactor Foundation early 2016. While preparing for the symposium I became aware that the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG) shared my interest in the MSR, which led to a series of assignments as an MSR research consultant.


Jorrit Swaneveld, Treasurer

I was brought up like most people of my generation with the cemented belief that nuclear is unacceptable. Therefore when I met Lucas Pool in university, I was very skeptical when he told me of his research into this new green nuclear technology: thorium. I had always been interested in energy technology so I started reading about thorium during my master’s degree. I became aware that thorium in molten salt reactors could be a valuable technology in achieving a sustainable carbon neutral society, which is something I immensely support. Sparked by my interest in the subject I decided to devote my master thesis on the subject of thorium MSR’s and their technological innovation system. After my graduation I was asked by some of the people I interviewed during my research, to help organize the Thorium in Molten Salt Symposium in 2015. After which I co-founded the Thorium MSR Foundation in 2016 in my spare time. I currently work as a researcher on various economic subjects for Statistics Netherlands (CBS).