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Stichting Thorium MSR is run by volunteers. Your donation will help us educate people about this important technology by spreading objective, accurate information.

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Name: Stichting Thorium MSR
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The Thorium MSR Foundation: Charity Information

Registered name: Stichting Thorium MSR
RSIN: 856037187
Mail address: Kastanjelaan 4, 1214 LE Hilversum, The Netherlands
In Dutch: alle voor een ANBI relevante gegevens

For reference: Annual Report 2018, Annual Report 2019, Annual Report 2020, Financial Report 2020, Annual Report 2021, Financial Report 2021


According to the statutes of the Foundation, its goal is:
a) to serve as a reliable source of information regarding nuclear technology in general and in particular the use of thorium in molten salt reactors.
b) to perform all further actions, that relate to or contribute to the aforementioned in the broadest sense.

In order to achieve these goals, the Foundation has implemented the following policies:

Stichting Thorium MSR provides scientifically accurate and objective information about thorium Molten Salt Reactor technology and engages in activities to educate stakeholders and the public at large about thorium Molten Salt Reactor technology.

Stichting Thorium MSR relies on voluntary donations by people and organizations who support the Foundation’s work.

Stichting Thorium MSR’s financial assets are managed by its treasurer and spent on activities in support of its mission, such as maintaining this website. None of the Foundation’s board or scientific council members receive compensation for their contribution other than reimbursement of expenses made in support of reaching the stichting’s goals.

Board members

Chairman: Gijs Zwartsenberg
Secretary: Kors Bos
Treasurer: Sylvia Barlag