Scientific council

To achieve its goal as described, the Foundation is supported by a scientific council, that thoroughly checks the information to make sure that what is said is compatible with scientific insights and research.

The Scientific Council of the Foundation consists of:

S. de Groot (NRG)

J.L. Kloosterman (TU Delft)

J. Sietsma (TU Delft)

In a later release of this website, we will color-code those parts that have been approved by the members of the council. It is our aim to publish this part of the site in Dutch as well.

For the remainder of this website, which is more dynamic and brings news, background stories and updates on the worldwide developments, the approval procedure is not practical and does not apply. However, the Foundation sees it as her task to provide information that is accurate and reliable. Which means: in the dynamic part we will also do our utmost to provide you with objective and balanced information.

The Foundation presently consists of the three founding board members.