About us – the Thorium MSR Foundation

The Thorium MSR Foundation (Stichting Thorium MSR) is the organization behind thmsr.nl. Its aim is to educate people about the use of thorium in molten salt reactor technology, because we believe it can play a vital role in solving today’s energy problems.

The Thorium MSR Foundation was established on January 29, 2016.
According to the statutes of the Foundation, its goal is:

a) to serve as a reliable source of information regarding nuclear technology in general and in particular the use of thorium in molten salt reactors.

b) to perform all further actions, that relate to or contribute to the aforementioned in the broadest sense.

The Foundation strives to realize its goal by using scientifically checked information, critical comparison of sources and maintaining a network of relevant scientists, developers and other experts, by participating in congresses, symposia and the like. The Foundation also wants to bring together initiatives in the field, make information on the subject broadly available, to be a platform for discussion, all in the broadest sense of the word.

About this website

Over the last decade, there has been a worldwide resurgence of interest in the use of thorium Molten Salt Reactors. Given its potential, the founders of the Thorium MSR Foundation think it is of paramount importance that there is a source where reliable, scientifically checked information can be found about these developments.

The purpose of this website is to provide such information: factually accurate, objective, supported by credible sources, and made easy to understand.

In a later stage, we hope to also offer an interactive platform for those who want to learn, to discuss and to participate.

Scientific council

In order to achieve its goals the Foundation is assisted by a Scientific Council that thoroughly checks the information for scientific accuracy. The Scientific Council of the Foundation consists of:

Jan Leen Kloosterman

Jan Leen Kloosterman

Prof.Dr.Ir Jan Leen Kloosterman is Head of the Section Reactor Physics and Nuclear Materials (RPNM), Delft Technical University


Jilt Sietsema

Prof. dr. Jilt Sietsma teaches Materials Science and Engineering at Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3ME), Delft Technical University.


Sander de Groot

Ir. Sander de Groot has a 15+ years of background in nuclear R&E, with specific expertise and experience in High Temperature Reactor technology at the Nuclear Research and consulting Group (NRG), Petten. He initiated the MSR program at NRG and is currently working in the field of new medical isotope development.


Ralph Hania

Dr. Ralph Hania is a nuclear fuel expert and lead scientist for the molten salt technology program at NRG, with a background in chemical physics.

The Board ensures that the informative part of the website is in accordance with scientific insight. For the more news-oriented part of this website (articles.thmsr.nl) the role of the Council is more on an ad hoc basis. The Foundation nevertheless strives to provide accurate and reliable information anytime and anywhere.

The Foundation presently consists of the three founding board members.

The board

Lucas Pool, Secretary

Lucas M. Pool, secretary

I have a background in renewable energy technology and fully support development of these essential sources of energy. I am also a realist and understand that substituting fossil fuels globally on the scale required is a tremendous task, that may prove too great for renewables alone. As a student I devoted both of my theses to researching MSR technology, and spent much of my free time on the subject as well. This led me to co-found the Thorium Molten Salt Reactor Foundation early 2016. I now work for the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG) as a research consultant and a project manager in MSR research.


Jorrit Swaneveld, Treasurer

Jorrit Swaneveld, treasurer

I was brought up like most people of my generation with the cemented belief that nuclear is unacceptable. Therefore when I met Lucas Pool in university, I was very skeptical when he told me of his research into this new green nuclear technology: thorium. I had always been interested in energy technology so I started reading about thorium during my master’s degree. I became aware that thorium in molten salt reactors could be a valuable technology in achieving a sustainable carbon neutral society, which is something I immensely support. After devoting my master thesis to the subject, I later co-founded the Thorium MSR Foundation in 2016 in my spare time. I currently work as a researcher on various economic subjects for Statistics Netherlands (CBS).


Gijs Zwartsenberg, Chairman

Gijs Zwartsenberg, chairman

Educated as a philosopher, and working as a trainer in clear thinking and writing for Your Point, my approach of the world’s energy problem is to consider it as a thinking problem. Reading David MacKay’s Sustainable Energy – without the hot air opened my eyes to the magnitude of the confusion. I admire Kant’s famous enlightenment motto ‘dare to think’. Kant encourages everyone to do his or her own thinking. MacKay provided me with the tools to think about energy. Bill Gates: If someone is going to read just one book I would recommend this one.
I took MacKay’s urgent advice and started doing my own calculations. My conclusion: while further development of wind, water and solar energy should be applauded, placing all eggs in that basket is a gamble. Thorium MSR’s hold strong cards to provide our future planet with carbon free energy. An adequate public debate about thorium requires accurate information – we’re doing our utmost to offer such info here on thmsr.nl.


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