About us – the Thorium MSR Foundation

The Thorium MSR Foundation (Stichting Thorium MSR) is the organization behind thmsr.nl. Its aim is to educate people about the use of thorium in molten salt reactor technology, because we believe it can play a vital role in solving today’s energy problems.

The Thorium MSR Foundation was established on January 29, 2016.
According to the statutes of the Foundation, its goal is:

a) to serve as a reliable source of information regarding nuclear technology in general and in particular the use of thorium in molten salt reactors.

b) to perform all further actions, that relate to or contribute to the aforementioned in the broadest sense.

The Foundation strives to realize its goal by using scientifically checked information, critical comparison of sources and maintaining a network of relevant scientists, developers and other experts, by participating in congresses, symposia and the like. The Foundation also wants to bring together initiatives in the field, make information on the subject broadly available, to be a platform for discussion, all in the broadest sense of the word.